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Illinois Rewrites Constitution

Taking away your right to free speech.

What are the Police trying to hide?

Look at the many times citizens have made these films and law enforcement officers have been fired or arrested themselves. This in many cases is the only tool a citizen has again bully police officers.

Now they say the audio is the violation, Well this too is a lie. When a police officers is making a arrest in a public place he is representing the public, Also the entire arrest is a matter of public record not just the part they want to introduce in court the hole thing. The investigation as well as the arrest has to pass the scrutiny of the jury and public opinion as a legal action.

The laws of this country are here to protect the people not to suppress them or our constitutional rights of free press and free speech. Join Us in petitioning this state and the other states with similar laws.

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Presidential Debates Information

Although we do not support Ron Paul nor do we agree with many things he says or does, this is something we agree on.

The FBI takes 16 year old child and holds him without trail or any rights!!

This could be your son! Is the want America has turned too?
Did Osama Bin Laden Win on 911?

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